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We are The Pirate Store that handcrafts and provides a variety of pirate clothing and period correct accessories with high standards of quality second to none.  Our many craftspeople spend countless hours creating just the perfect pirate attire for you. Whether you choose something from our vast selection of goods. Or have something completely hand tailored to your needs, you can be sure the friendly and knowledgeable staff here will help you achieve a perfect timeless masterpiece! From Waistcoats to Wedding dresses …. We carry a full line of Weapons, hats , clothing, leather goods, tankards, shot glasses , pirate themed housewares, swords, guns, daggers and flasks…  should you need some advice on how to get started or what garb is best suited for you…just ask the Capt.  He is always willing to give a hand. Speaking of which…..here are a few videos that might help ya get started….

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